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Our Belief: Making Common Sense More Common with Peer-to-Peer Support

General Intelligences is a nonprofit organization committed to providing high school and undergraduate students from disadvantaged communities and school districts with resources for success. General Intelligences is one of the first peer-to-peer initiatives to help students gain crucial life skills and the social capital necessary for success, which is taught as a “hidden curriculum” at well-funded schools.

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Students from First-generation and Low-Income communities, Refugee Communities or Ethnic Minority groups, or who identify as members of these communities, often struggle with the transition to college and additional challenges beyond matriculation.

Our organization guides students with the transition and adjustment to post-secondary institutions- a crucial aspect left out of many college related organizations.

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“There’s a gap…many institutions nationwide can be doing more to make sure that all students have a fair chance at graduating and graduating at the same rate.”

Mamie Voigt, Institute for Higher Education Policy

The belief that schools are the great equalizer, helping students overcome the inequalities of poverty, is a myth.”

William Schmidt, Michigan State University

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Founded in April 2020 to support FLI high-school and post-secondary students as well as students across the United States.

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