General Intelligence(s) Provides Free Webinars, and/or Workshops to School Districts and Students around the Country

We have a variety of informational webinars that we plan to put forth on topics such as Freshman Year Of College : Your Questions Answered ; How to Determine your Major; Financial Literacy Basics; How to Understand your Financial Aid Package ; How-to Budget; What is Cultural awareness and Internationalism? and more.

Please reach out to us via email for more information at

Virtual Opportunities

In addition to Webinars On Demand, Workshops and Webinars by Demand we have a student network from across the United States. Given that some students will be unable to visit their campuses before matriculating, we will be posting our #virtualcollegetour series to help with the adjustment. We hope that the tours and videos will be informative to the graduating seniors given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webinars On Demand

Contact us and we can schedule a webinar for your students or group based on a list of topics we currently have available. Presentations will be provided by one of our team members and our team will be there to answer questions. Webinars can be of a 30 minute or 1 hour duration depending on the topic.


Our team hail from post-secondary institutions across the nation and when possible we would love to give in-person workshops to a school district or district(s) of interest. We have started the process by reaching out to the school district’s we attended so as to give back to our communities directly, but we will be expanding this program based on interest.

Webinars By Demand

Contact us with specifications on a webinar topic and our team will craft a 30 minute or 1 hour webinar presentation for your students or group. They could fall under the umbrella of any of our main topic areas : Pre-Professional, Experience and Climate, Languages and Technology and/or Financial Literacy. Presentations will be provided by one of our team members and our team will be there to answer questions.

Our Upcoming and Past Webinars

Please Look Under the Recordings and Testimonials Tab to see what we’ve done so far and what are currently in the works!

Eloquent Speech is Not from Lip to Ear, but From Heart to Heart

William Jennings Bryan

Let’s make common sense more common together.


We would love to partner with like-minded organizations and individuals to help provide resources to school districts and students across the country. Our primary focus areas are high school seniors and undergraduate students that identify as first-generation and/or low-income. We would be glad to partner with Mentorship organizations and other non-profits as well. We post content on our website, collaborate with other organizations on webinars and resources and transmit this information to interested students and schools.