General Intelligence(s) is a non-profit organization originally conceived in April 2020 by Magda Wojtara, whose desire was to make “common sense” more common by demystifying unwritten rules in the academic and professional world for fellow students.

We have an amazing team which continues to grow, and we take on seasonal interns as well. We have a rigorous application cycle for our internship process and for our team with around a third of applicants formally accepted.

To-Date we have helped more than 6,000 students with our resources.

Magda Wojtara

Founder and Executive Director of General Intelligence(s)

Magda is a junior at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor LSA Honors program. She is studying Neuroscience with minors in Interdisciplinary Astronomy and Science, Technology and Society on a pre-med track. She founded General Intelligence(s) to raise awareness of the lack of resource availability in many areas considered to be crucial for the academic and financial success of young adults. The lack of resources is even more pervasive in communities where many students identify as first-generation or low-income and results in lower graduation rates and additional adversities in post-secondary education.

Core Team

The core team of General Intelligences help with organizational collaborations and partnerships as well as marketing the organization. Many also contribute as content creators on the site as well!

Dee Dee Ogbogu

Contributor Core Team

DeeDee Ogbogu is a current post-baccalaureate student at CSUEB. She received a dual degree in Neuroscience and Philosophy from Boston University. She is very invested in cultivating the potential in young individuals for a better future and a better society. When she isn’t caught up in doing work, she likes to read, write, edit articles and papers done by others, and listen to music from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed. She hopes to go to medical school and receive her MD and PhD.

Srikar Savaram

Contributor Core Team

Srikar is a junior studying Biochemistry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Florida. He is also on the pre-med track. His other interests include his love for playing video games, binging tv shows, and learning new skills. Keeping it short and sweet is his personal motto. 

McKenna Denton

Contributor Core Team

McKenna is a recent graduate of Texas Tech University with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Being a pre-medical school student, she understands the rigor and stress academics emphasizes, so taking time to go outside, listen to music or read a book is a priority of hers. She is beyond excited to be a part of General Intelligences and the ambition behind it to ensure students have a support system.

Nicole Sezan

Contributor Core Team

Nicole is a junior studying Human Biology on the pre-med track at CUNY- Hunter College in NYC. Born and raised in NYC, she has been exposed to disadvantaged communities with all sorts of socioeconomic, health and environmental issues. Her goal as a future healthcare leader is to provide these underserved communities with opportunities to prosper. Nicole enjoys spending time exploring the Big Apple, volunteering at the local hospital and catching up on new shows & music. Thrilled to work with General Intelligences,  she cannot wait to connect with like minded individuals who share the same goal and vision.

Aina Zaidi

Contributor Core Team

Aina Zaidi is a current Sophomore at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor with intended majors in Computer Science. She is aiding with one of our largest grant opportunities through the Barger Leadership Institute’s Capstone Program. Aina is a former content creator!

Prathyusha Mahasamudram

Contributor Core Team

Prathyusha is currently pursuing an MS in Medical sciences through a specialized master’s program at The University of North Texas Health Science Center. She has a BS in Neuroscience from The University of Texas at Dallas. She is on a pre-med track. She has served as an advocate for many disadvantaged communities. She has a passion for mentorship and enjoys connecting people from all-walks of life with resources to help balance their health, education, and well-being. She also enjoys exploring different cuisines through eating and cooking, game-nights with friends, and exploring Austin with her family.

Haley Herbert

Contributor Core Team

Haley Herbert is a current Freshman at Columbia University’s Barnard College with intended majors in Psychology and Computer Science on the pre-med track. She has a passion for helping students from underserved communities. She was previously a content creator for the team!

Navdeep Kaur

Contributor Core Team

Navdeep Kaur is a current Junior at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor seeking degrees in BHS (Biology Health and Society),History and German. She is aiding with one of our largest grant opportunities through the Barger Leadership Institute’s Capstone Program. Navdeep is a former content creator!

Content Creators

A massive thank you to our amazing Content Creator team. Each one of them has been hand selected and chosen from a pool of applicants. Their selection is a testament to their passion for the team, and dedication to tackling educational inequality.

Our interns help General Intelligences with miscellaneous tasks on a voluntary basis in order to learn more about the field of educational inequality and to gain experience in the non-profit realm. We are currently hiring new interns and onboarding our accepted interns!
Interns typically are with us for a semester at which point they continue to be a part of the team in some capacity or move on to other roles!

Nicholas Rutherford

Content : Pre-Professional, Experience

Nicholas Rutherford attends University of Pennsylvania studying Political Science and Psychology

Alexa De La Fuente

Content : Pre-Professional and Experience

Alexa De La Fuente attends Brown University and intends to concentrate in Ethnic Studies and Education.

Ishani Deshpande

Content : Pre-Professional

Ishani Deshpande attends University of California- Santa Cruz studying Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. Ishani was formerly a core team member

Abby Morales

Content : Financial Literacy, Pre-Professional, Experience and Language and Tech categories.

Abby Morales attends Cornell University studying Human Development, Family Studies and Related Services.

Kellie Weisse

Content : Pre-Professional, Experience

Kellie Weisse attends University of Toronto in Canada.

Yash Makkapati

Content : Pre-Professional, Experience

Yash Makkapati is a rising M1 (medical student) at NYITCOM.

Meadow Hansen

Content Creator, Winter ’21 Intern

Meadow Hansen attends University of Tulsa.

Kimberly De Santiago

Content Creator, Winter ’21 Intern

Kimberly De Santiago attends Purdue University Northwest.

Trishal Muthan

Content Creator , Winter ’21 Intern

Trishal Mutan attends Thomas Jefferson High School.

Morgan Schafer

Content Creator, Winter ’21 Intern

Morgan Schafer attends Michigan State University

Vasuki Gaba


Vasuki Gaba attends City College of NY- Hunter College

Alumni Team Members

This section is to acknowledge the contributions of members of the team that are not currently active, but that have contributed to the team in the past. Thank you for all your hard work!

Amarachukwu Ohia (Intern) – American River Community College (January ’21- May ’21)

Franklin Pham (Intern) – University of St. Thomas (January ’21 – May ’21)

Shaunte Hadnot (Content Creator) – University of Texas

Iliyan Ajani (Content Creator)- Parkview High School

Kathryn Root (Content Creator)- Clemson University

Esha Ali (Core Team Member)- University of Texas

Rohina Kumar (Content Creator) – University of Toronto

Michaela Greenlee (Intern) – New York University

Deena Haque (Content Creator)- Brown University, Neuroscience

Patrick Samaha (Content Creator) – University of Toronto, Engineering

Abhi Jadhav (Study Material Creator) , Colorado College, Neuroscience

Ariz Keshwani (Study Material Editing), Northwestern University, Public Health

Gohar Zakaryan (Mentorship) – McMaster University

Sruthi Shriram (Mentorship) – University of California Santa Cruz

Semin Hazir (Mentorship) -University of California Santa Cruz

Airam Viennelu Aliwalas (Mentorship)- University of North Florida

Inuri Galle Liyange (Mentorship)- CUNY Hunter College

Madeline Hsieh (Mentorship)- University of Houston

Jyothi Chunduru (Mentorship) – University of California Santa Cruz

Kellie Weisse (Mentorship)- University of Toronto

Angelina Liu (Mentorship) – University of Toronto

Anushka Sukhramani (Mentorship)- University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

Jennifer Spencer (Mentorship)- McMaster University

Rahul Chopra (Mentorship) – University of Toronto

Kaelan Patel (Content Creator) – Wayne State University

Saleem Sabeer (Content Creator)- Johns Hopkins University

Nina Patel (Content Creator)- Otterbein University

Tien Vu (Core Team Member May-August 2020) – Haverford University

Sharmie Azurel (June-August 2020)- Columbia University

Angelo SottoChemistryLower Level
Affan SiddiquiMath
Kevin YmeriChemistryLower Level
Rehmat KaurChemistry-Lower Level
Brian FengChemistry-Lower Level
Anna NguyenMath & Chemistry-Lower Level
Immanuela OkekeMath
Yaren DogruMath
Rita LiaoChemistryLower Level
Nina MarshMath & Chemistry-Lower Level
Brenda Vasquez Biology- Lower LEVEL

Facts and Stats:

“It has been shown that strong academic preparation in high school can narrow gaps in college persistence between first-generation students and their peers. Unfortunately, students from low-income backgrounds tend to be less ready for college, in part because their schools often lack the resources and course offerings to properly prepare them.”

“The researchers found not only that low-income students are more likely to be exposed to weaker math content in schools, but also that a substantial share of the difference in math performance between rich and poor students is related to this inequality. This school inequality is part of a larger socioeconomic performance gap that also includes the students’ home background.
In the United States, the school inequality gap was 37 percent, meaning that more than a third of the disadvantage in math performance for poor students was due to inequalities in math coverage.”

“Prospective college students from low-SES backgrounds are less likely to have access to informational resources about college (Brown, Wohn, & Ellison , 2016). Additionally, compared to high-SES counterparts, young adults from low-SES backgrounds are at a higher risk of accruing student loan debt burdens that exceed the national average (Houle, 2014).”

“The success rate of low-income students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines is much lower than that of students who do not come from underrepresented backgrounds (Doerschuk et al., 2016).”