We have been fortunate to collaborate with several like-minded organizations and are looking forward to creating more of a tangible impact on students all over the world. Besides the organizations below we also partner directly with schools, students and school districts. We maintain good relationships with college FGLI offices as well.

An-Nisa Hope Center

Website: An Nisa Site
About the Organization: An Nisa is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working to empower, educate, and enrich the community by providing counseling, educational programs, and the necessary assistance to help our clients regain self-sufficiency. An-Nisa works with refugees, women and children to help their community.

Vitality Volunteers

Website: Vitality Volunteer Site
About the Organization: Our mission is to help connect volunteers from all over the world to organizations across the nation to improve the health of the community and increase awareness of diseases.


Website: Empolitics Site
About the Organization: In today’s society, women lack representation in government roles. In fact, women account for just under 25% of all national parliamentarians (UN). But we believe that it doesn’t have to be this way. Through Empolitics, we aim to encourage young women to become more engaged with politics and to educate them about the future generation’s most pressing issues.

College Pathway

Website: College Pathway Site
About the Organization: College Pathway is an international, registered nonprofit organization working to make education more equitable for low-income students. We do this by designing curriculum & holding resource drives for low income schools globally, hosting FAFSA workshops, and virtually tutoring + mentoring students.


Website: Codefy Site
About the Organization: Codefy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing equal educational opportunities to students who want to learn more about computer science, regardless of their grade or age. We are hoping to give back to our community by offering free workshops for students who want to learn how to code. 

Project Vinculum

Website: Project Vinculum Site
About the Organization: A Turkey-based, nonprofit, student-led social innovation project dedicated to delivering STEM education to middle and high school students who have limited access to resources. 

Hand in Hand Youth

Website: Hand in Hand Youth Site
About the Organization: Based in the Boston area, “Hand-in-Hand: for Youth and Families” is a non-profit organization that serves as a safe place and empowering community for at-risk and inner-city youth and their families.  Hand-in-hand provides educational resources, after school programs, mentoring, tutoring, community events, extra-curricular and enrichment programs for youth. 

Ontario Youth Medical Society

Website: OYMS Site
About the Organization: The OYMS is a team of youth in Ontario who are passionate about making a difference in the medical field. Our mission is to help prospective medical students expand their horizons and get a glimpse into healthcare, by providing more opportunities to connect with key people and understand the different careers available in this field of medicine.

University of Portland- First Generation Community

Website: @up_firstgen
About the Organization: University of Portland is a highly rated private, catholic university with a first-generation community. It is a sister university to the University of Notre Dame.

Southern Methodist University- First Generation Community

Website: @smu1stgen
About the Organization: Southern Methodist University is a private, research university in Texas with a first-generation community.

National Pre-Health Conference

Website: NPHC Website
About the Organization: The National Pre-Health Conference was created to To provide all individuals interested in healthcare with the opportunity to learn more about medical careers and the tools they will need to pursue their professional goals, particularly during these challenging and uncertain times. Due to the effects of COVID-19, most students have encountered a range of challenges while continuing their education remotely.


Website: EdQuity Website
About the Organization: Using higher education as a lever, our mission at Edquity is to help narrow equity gaps and facilitate social mobility; to shape a world where financial outcomes will cease to be predetermined by one’s birth, color, sexual orientation, or geographic location.

Global Guru

Website: Global Guru Site
About the Organization: We hope to make education available for everyone while developing a self-motivated network of teachers and learners. Our long term goal is to increase global accessibility by recruiting students and teachers from all across the United States and the rest of the world


Website: Currently in Progress
About the Organization: A California based organization that operates on a not-for profit basis.We connect students to suitable opportunities via free tutoring programs for students and with our instagram posts on topics like cold emailing and other relevant opportunities for high school students in several fields.


Website: Flaer Website
About the Organization: Flaer is a novel matchmaking platform for nonprofits to find partners and develop relationships. We want to streamline the partnership process while you focus on helping others. National Breast Cancer Foundation, UNICEF, National Eating Disorders Association, and over 100 other nonprofit organizations are excited to use Flaer!

WhyFi Matters

Website: WhyFi Matters Site
About the Organization:  WhyFI Matters ( Why Financial Independence Matters ) is a global platform for teen financial literacy. Our aim is to educate teens about financial literacy while keeping it fun, engaging and trendy. Join us in our quest to learn how not live in our parents basements when we are older !

Sci 4 Teens

Website: Sci4Teens Site
About the Organization: Sci4Teens creates equal opportunities for students looking to pursue STEM fields through our writing contest. We aim to get students involved in science writing and communication through workshops, mentors, and our contest. Our international writing contest offers two categories: Science and Engineering, and student entries will be split into two categories based on age: 13-15 and 16-18. 


Website: In Progress
About the Organization: SPACE 4 US is a community organization that empowers under-served young people to explore and pursue meaningful career paths. Crystal is also representing District 7 on the San Francisco Youth Commission, serves as the Director of Communications for Myrna Melgar’s campaign for District 7 Supervisor, and is a reporter for Channel Kindness, a digital platform created by Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. She is passionate about advocating for low-income families.

Wooster College- First Generation

Website: @woosterfirstgen
About the Organization: Wooster University is a liberal arts college in Ohio known for its emphasis on mentored undergraduate research and with a first-generation community.

Holy Cross University- First Generation Community

Website: @hcf1rst
About the Organization: Holy Cross University is a private Jesuit liberal arts college in Massachusetts with a first-generation community.

Women In STEM

Website: Women in STEM Site
About the Organization: GIs partners with high school chapters of this organization. The goals of the organization include promoting STEM education for women considering STEM careers or fields. The students we partner with are based in the Chicago area.

Launch Negotiation

Website: Launch Negotiation Site
About the Organization: Founded by award-winning negotiator Donna Hughes, Launch Negotiation delivers workshops across Europe and North America that engage, educate and empower you to harness your innate negotiation potential and drive business profitability and performance.

Nice For What Movement

Website: Nice for What Site
About the Organization: #niceforwhatmvmt is a movement and celebration of everyone’s inner child. Growing up and going through life is difficult for everyone. The process of creating your adult identity is rough and can lead to you losing who you used to be.

Gen Z Collective

Website: Gen Z Collective Site
About the Organization: The GEN Z Collective is an impactful platform for Gen Z to express themselves, find support, organize and find direction and guidance for the issues that are most important to them. It features short films, art work, poetry, writing, and audio recordings. This platform is meant to celebrate today’s youth.

Kahon Ng Karunungan

Website: KnK Site
About the Organization: Kahon ng Karunungan (KnK, Est. 2018) is a non-profit organization that aims to reduce educational inequality in the Philippines and around the world. KnK has distributed over 1500 self-learning kits to schools damaged by typhoons and volcanic eruptions. 

Z Game Changers

Website: Z Game Changers Site
About the Organization: Z Game Changers is a student run initiative that connects organizations. Furthermore, the organization posts about relevant opportunities, offers some free videos and also resources. It’s a great resource for students to learn more about subjects like financial literacy and more!

Breaking Book Barriers

Website: Breaking Book Barriers
About the Organization: Breaking Book Barriers is a student run project that provides high school students with free SAT, ACT, and AP prep books. We do this through pairing students who are willing to ship out their used books with students who need them. Breaking Book Barriers also has a blog where they interview students and share college resource tips and advice.


Website: CreAItivity website
About the Organization: Our goal is to spread awareness about the power of artificial intelligence to help solve major issues that our society faces today. We hope to give students the chance to learn more about the field of artificial intelligence and to collaborate and develop creative solutions to issues such as environmental sustainability and city planning. Through hackathons and workshops, we want to share our knowledge with our community, especially people who do not have the same resources as we do.

​First Generation Leadership Program- University of Florida

Website: @fglpuf
About the Organization: University of Florida is a top-ranked research university in Gainesville, Florida with a first-generation community.

Vanguard University- First Generation Community

Website: @first2vu
About the Organization: Vanguard University of Southern California is a private university in Costa Mesa, California with a first-generation community.

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