How We’re Making Common Sense More Common

How We’re Making Common Sense More Common

Here at General Intelligences we want to continuously innovate to come up with the best programs, resources and initiatives for our peers. Each season we roll out our past initiatives that we have had success with and a new initiative. If something doesn’t work out– we readjust to make sure that the resource is helpful, efficient and useful. Participants across all our program provide us with anonymous feedback at the end of the event/program that helps us to consistently improve.

8-Week Mentorship Capstone Program

A unique take on a typical mentorship program. We take groups of mentors and mentees and each week they learn about a component of educational inequality. This culminates in a capstone video project.

Study Guides + Downloadables

Our team has worked hard to find useful study guides and resources that you can download at no-cost. If we couldn’t find a good guide– our team went ahead and made it ourselves!

F1Rst In College

Our team of interns work on the F1RST in College e-magazine which is a monthly magazine focused on different topics like housing, food, mentorship and more. The magazine is sent out to more than 350 subscribers.

Other Initiatives

TED Circles: Monthly opportunities to engage with other first-gen students at colleges and universities across the US.

Webinars and Workshops: Look Under Past Recordings and on our YouTube Channel for previous webinars and workshops. To stay up-to-date on new webinars make sure to follow us on instagram @generalintelligences .

Voices of FGLI: Featuring first-generation and low-income students on our social media and in our e-magazine.