Program Description

A unique take on a typical mentorship program. We form groups of mentors and mentees based on a rigorous application process and each week they learn about a component of Educational Inequality (Fall) or Cultural Competimility (Winter). In addition to these learning materials, they have to reflect and engage with the material through filling out weekly google form quizzes. We also provide weekly mentorship group discussion questions relating to the theme of each week, so that the group can still retain a mentorship component. This program culminates in a Capstone Video Presentation. The Top 3 Presentation Teams each cohort will have the opportunity to work closely with a research mentor (PhD-level Professors in the Humanities) to further research on their selected topic for potential publication or presentation.

Why Did our Mentors Join the Program?

Hear from some of our mentors:

I am hoping to go outside of my comfort zone and meet new people from all walks of life and learn something new that is so relevant in our society today. I want to become a better student and person and hope to have a good impact on my mentee as well. I am hoping to inspire a high school student in venturing out into any career field they chose regardless of set back and barriers. I have been able to overcome many barriers and want to be able to share that with others.

Janine Harrison, Pennsylvania State University

Being an international student myself, I have gained valuable experience in different spheres. I got my high school education in Kazakhstan, however, for my undergraduate studies I choose Europe, Hungary. Currently I work as a mentor myself, helping freshmen students of our university to adapt to university and city life, here in Budapest. I hope build new friendships with other people with valuable experience and knowledge in different spheres. I am also keen to acquire new information about different aspects of any culture which can broaden my overall perception of the world and improve the learning spectrum of my life.

Jamilya Zhelpakova, Óbuda University

I hope to learn more about the inequalities that exist within our own communities. I have a semi understanding of it all but would like be immerse myself more into discussions and what we can do. I hope to learn from other peoples experiences in order to address the lack of cultural understanding. Too many people experience racism, prejudice, and xenophobia worldwide.

Melissa Bueno, University of Chicago

After this 8-week program I am hoping that I will gain a deeper understanding of the educational inequality that affects a large number of students across not only our nation, but around the world. I am hoping to share my experiences both within and outside of the classroom that have affected me as not only a student, but a learner and human.

Morgan Schafer, Michigan State University

The most important outcome I wish to get from the Mentorship Capstone Program is the opportunity to equip mentees with knowledge that will ultimately bring them closer to their long-term goals. I believe every student deserves a mentor who truly understands their goals and is intentional about helping to position the student in a way that will make their goals more accessible. In addition to sharing my love for mentorship, I hope to teach, research, and gain even more knowledge about the importance of cultural competemility and how to genuinely implement its practice in healthcare.

Adaugo Chikezie, Rutgers University – New Brunswick (Class of 2020)

I am hoping to create more awareness on the consequences of educational inequality and how it has greatly contributed to systemic patterns of inequality in nearly every country and culture. Ultimately, I wish to pursue medicine in a world led my empathy and knowledge rather than prejudice and ignorance, and I believe this program is another step towards my dream for me.

Sahar Zahraee, University of California- San Diego

Hear from some of our mentees:

I am passionate about education inequality because it is something I have witnessed and I would love to make a positive change. Moving to Texas from Nepal at the age of 4 years and then to Canada at the age of 9 allowed me to see how income levels and ethnicity has an impact on students and the education system first hand.

Ayushma Neku , Brampton Centennial Secondary School

I want to open my eyes to the education systems injustices, that my mentor and I have experienced and be able to use our valuable conversations for me to make a change and spread this knowledge to the people around me.

Samshita Maram, DASD STEM Academy

I hope to learn about other people’s experiences to get a more wider scope of view on the US educational system and its potential problems. Further, getting to know others and making new connections would be valuable for me in my college search process. Ultimately, participating in this program would be a chance for me to practice presentation skills and researching.

Tamara Gruslova, BASIS San Antonio

I feel that, being under the circumstances I have been under, I tend to forget the limitations placed on me because of my being FGLI. I hope to connect to other people experiencing the same thing as me and learn from their experiences. I really to be a source of support to other other people as well, even as a mentee.

Naoroz Mahmood, City College New York

I am passionate about education inequality. I want to use this online opportunity to further research and also to be learning meaningful things to carry throughout life as important lessons.

Insia Kizilbash , Eden Prairie High School

This experience will be one of the most valuable ones since it will help me get to know more about one of the most important issues I am so interested in which is . Also, I am so excited so see people from all over the world sharing similar interests with me.

Mohammed Hasan Ghattas , Alexandria STEM School Egypt

Alumni of the Winter 2021 Capstone Program:

In our inaugural semester of the Cultural Competimility Capstone Program, we had upwards of 300 applicants for mentors and mentees The members of these teams hail from all across the US and in the following countries: Australia, Albania, Zambia, China, Canada, Hungary, Brazil, and India . Due to the capacity of the program, we extended continued invitations to complete the program to 80 selected students, General Intelligences staff formed teams.

Mentees (High School Juniors + Seniors & College Freshmen)

Nirusha Anton Charles– York University (Canada)
Komal Mir-Rutgers University New Brunswick
Rinyhia Streeter– Albany State University
Moyinoluwa Blessing Akeju– NJ City University
Sam Luthiya– Mount Caramel College Autonomous (India)
Shadel Ayerbe– NJ City University
Samshita Maram– STEM Academy
Vivian Ha– University of California- Riverside
Adriana Gigliotti– University of Delaware
Edwina Mensah– CUNY Hunter College
Sherry Xie-Kuper Academy (Canada)
Daud Masih– University of Texas at Austin
Amy Weng-Whittle Schools and Studios (DC Campus)
Lauryn Pergal– University of Pittsburgh
Saumya Mavuri– Rutgers University New Brunswick
Ayushma Neku– Brampton Centennial Secondary School (Canada)
Matilyn Wang-Chaparral High School
Tanya Ghai– McMaster University
Vivian Ho-Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School
Ngocthy Nguyen-Rutgers University
Bhavika Nayyar-McMaster University (Canada)
Anchita Karwande– University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
Gabriela Frajtag– Escola ORT (Brazil)
Opetunde Akeju– NJ City University
Esmeralda Benitez-California Academy of Math and Science
Hamidah Oderinwale– Cardinal Leger Secondary School (Canada)
Garima Mainali-Cerdon College Australia
Lauren Lee-Castro Valley High School
Daniela De Santiago-East Chicago Central High School
Aishvarya Indiran– Rutgers University New Brunswick
Ananya Venkatachalam-North Penn High School
Maleeha Imtiaz-University of Texas at Dallas
Julien Hector-American University
Garima Mainali– Cerdon University (Australia)
Yash Agrawal– Indian Institute of Psychology and Research (India)
Allisyn Fortune-Brown City High School

Mentors (College Sophomores- Seniors and Recent Graduates)

Oreoluwa Amosu– Georgia Institute of Technology
Krinal Thakkar-Cornell University
Sanjana Murthy– Purdue University
Nathanaelle Joacin- Morehouse SOM
Madison Park-Emory University
Adaugo Chikezie- 2020 Graduate of Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Olivia Delgado-Sacred Heart University
Hamza Taj -Wayne State University
Sandy Botros -Rutgers University New Brunswick
Milagros Celiz– Bellevue College
Jacqueline Zhao– New York University
Isha Saleem – University of California Irvine
Mariah Taylor-2020 Graduate of the University of Georgia
Eva Golikja-Universiteti i Mjekesise ne Tirane (Albania)
Bianca Alexia Trevino-University of Texas San Antonio
Luis Maximilliano Reynoso-University of Texas San Antonio
Cristian Navarro-Fairfield University
Sierra Flynn-Bergen Community College
Alexis Licon-University of Texas at El Paso
Hashir Siddiqi-Boston University
Rachel Harris-Belmont University
Anh Nguyen-George Mason University
Busola Bamidele Oseni-Charleston Southern University
Elizabeth Sheehy-College of Mount Saint Vincent
Christina Leatherbury-Lincoln University of PA
Janine Harrison-Pennsylvania State University
Jasmine Chopra-University of Toronto (Canada)
Jamilya Zhelpakova– Óbuda University (Hungary)
Nhi Duong-Loyola University of Chicago
Nisha Joseph-University of California Los Angeles
Iris Gomez-Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Phebe Ismail-Community College of Baltimore County
Sojung Park-University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Mary Show-University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Trang Hau-University of Texas at Dallas
Katherine Quinn-Morehead State University
Alea Sterling-University of Central Florida
Jeffrey Truong-California State University, San Bernardino
Pari Patel-Hagerstown Community College
Kareem Hamadeh-Houston Community College
Sadiksha Basnet-University of Maryland
Mohammed I Zaman-Stony Brook Univeristy
Vannesa Jimenez– Notre Dame de Namur University

Alumni of the Fall 2020 Capstone Program:

In our inaugural semester, we had nearly 200 applicants for mentors and mentees. The members of these teams hail from all across the US and in the following countries: Albania, Egypt, Pakistan, Canada, Turkey, France, UAE and the United Kingdom. Due to the capacity of the program, we extended continued invitations to complete the program to 65 selected students, General Intelligences staff formed teams.

MENTEES: (High School Juniors + Seniors & College Freshmen)
Naoroz Mahmood- Macaulay Honors College at CCNY
Meghana Nakkanti- Nixa High School
Shanoya Raby-Benjamin Banneker Academy High School
Ayushma Neku- Brampton Centennial Secondary School
Kamala Kenny- Howard University
Alisa Hasa- Ismail Qemali High School Albania
Ashish Siripuram- University of Texas – Dallas
Tamara Gruslova- BASIS San Antonio Shavano
Emilia Brandimarte- William Floyd High School
Rachel Ferguson- University of Illinois at Chicago
Melissa Bueno- University of Chicago
Rafia Fattani- Stephen F. Austin High School
Ngothy Nguyen- Rutgers University
Maryam Samassa- CUNY- Hunter College
Shishira Siripuram- University of Texas- Dallas
Elina Mohan- The British School- New Delhi
Beril Karaaslani- American Robert College of Istanbul
Suhaas Yalamanchilli- Dowington East High School
Sameer Tebha- Jinnah Medical and Dental College Pakistan
Tanish Jain- Montgomery High School
Harshul Singh- New York Institute of Technology
Cindy Lopez-Ordonez- Mt. San Jacinto College
Samshita Maram- DASD STEM Academy
Insia Kizilbash- Eden Prairie High School
Mattie- BASIS
Kimberly De Santiago- Purdue University- Northwest
Mohammed Hassan Ghattas- Alexandria STEM School Egypt

MENTORS: (College Sophomores- Seniors & Recent Graduates)
Kellie Weisse- University of Toronto
Meadow Hansen Gonzalez- University of Tulsa
Janete Moran- St. Petersburg College
Angela Easterling- Harriet Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University
Nancy Le- Graduate of University of Florida
Jeel Daftary- Rutgers University
Romaisa Shahid- University of Massachusetts- Boston
Chif Nguygen- University of Maryland- Baltimore County
Edna Diosdado- University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley
Minh Ahn Dang- University of St. Thomas
Jodie Meeks- University of Alabama
Rachel Harris- Belmont University
Alea Sterling- University of Central Florida
Stephanie Chavez- Southwestern Community College
Alexis Licon- Graduated from University of Texas- El Paso
Sameera Shaik- Graduated from Florida State University
Manisha Seelam- UC Irvine
Esha Ali- University of Texas- Austin
Nisha Joseph- LB Community College
Kasey McKenna- Graduate of Wesleyan University
Morgan Schafer- Michigan State University
Diane Le- University of California- Davis
Emily De Paz- University of California- Davis
McKenzie Hughes- Oregon State University
Rana Azab- City College of New York
Melissa Abderrahmane- Cégep de Saint Foy Quebec
Ruby Silvera- University College London
Sahar Zahraee- University of California- San Diego
Nicole Galiber- Drexel University
Katherine Phan- University of California- Irvine
Nastaran Navari- Graduated from The Ohio State University
Nameera Fatima- Ryerson University Toronto
Abby U-Edosomwan- Graduated from East Carolina University
Nathanaelle Joacin- Morehouse College of Osteopathic Medicine
Vaibhavi Venkataramanan- University of Louisville
Franklin Pham- University of St. Thomas- Houston
Khaleda Aqaei- Portland State University
Laura Ludena- Grand Canyon University
Gabrielle Pearl – Graduated from Columbia College- Missouri

Cohort Capstone Presentations

Cohort 1 Fall ’20 Presentations

Take some time to view some of Cohort 1’s presentations. Only presentations in video format and with consent of the students presenting are shown below.

Link to Slides:

Cohort 2 Winter ’21 Presentations


Take some time to view some of Cohort 2’s presentations. Only presentations in video format and with consent of the students presenting are shown below.